Quality -

with our process and process-oriented quality management system.

Nature is our inspiration

Without nature many of today's inventions would not be possible. Most of the time, when people were looking for a solution to a problem, they were surprisingly successful.

Optical Fibers are our passion

The World is full of Ideas. The Challenge is to realize it.

make your products safer ...
with RFID technology

RFID technology is increasingly finding application in medicine for the identification of medical instruments, medical laser probes and other consumables.

advanced fiber tools GmbH

advanced fiber tools GmbH is a manufacturer of high quality fiberoptic products for the medical, industrial and scientific applications. Our technical staff is highly specialized with many years of experience in the fiberoptic sector, concentrating in the medical field.

Our core business is drawing of multimode, single mode, plastic-clad silica, hard polymer-clad silica, high NA and special fibers.

Manufacturing of fiber optic devices for the total range of laser surgery, focusing and collimating handpieces are also part of our core business. Industrial cables, bundles, optics (optic calculation) and products for OEM customers complete our products to give a full range of options to our customers.

Board of Directors:
Prof. Dr. G. Kuka (CEO) &
Naim Ashraf (General Manager)








The company, advanced fiber tools GmbH, Mittweida, Germany, has a procedure and process-oriented quality management system according to EN ISO 13485 and a quality assurance system according to EC Directive 93/42 / EEC, Appendix V.
The medical devices manufactured and supplied by advanced fiber tools GmbH are subject to the strictest quality assurance criteria.