Hollow Waveguide Silica fibers

The hollow waveguide fiber (HWG)...

is a flexible and multidisciplinary laser tool for the transmission of radiation in the mid-infrared range (2-18mic) for minimally invasive procedures such as ENT, gynecology, and dermatology with CO2 and Er:YAG lasers.

Due to their flexibility and small diameter, hollow waveguide fibers can be used in areas that are not accessible for laser systems with mirror articulated arm technology.


  • High transmission
  • Inner diameter 500-1000 mic
  • Double polymer coating for high flexibility
  • Biocompatible materials
  • Customized connector design, available
  • Validated sterilization Process




Silica glass capillarySiO2
Fresnel Reflection Losses0%
Attenuation at designated wavelengthsee table below
Recommended max power level for CO2-laser10W for HWG-500
20W for HWG-750
30W for HWG-1000
Effective Numerical Aperature (output NA) 0,05+/-0,01*
Bending losses, for 360° loop of ø=400mm1dB
Protective Jacket Acrylat + Fluorpolymer
Operating Temperature-50°C bis +90°C
Minimum Elastic Bending Radius150 x [innerer HWG-Durchmesser]

* depends on input NA


Parameter Hohlwellenleiterfaser (Hollow Glass Waveguides)

CodeInner diameter, µmOuter diameter, µmProtective Jacket
Mantel OD, µm
Optical losses at 10,6µm Wellenlänge
Min. bending
Radius, mm
HWG 500
500 ± 25650 ± 201000 ± 300.775
HWG 750
750 ± 30950 ± 251300 ± 500.5100
HWG 1000
1000 ± 301300 ± 251600 ± 500.3150