Medical laser probes

For the treatment of insufficient veins

The endoluminal laser technique is today, in addition to the conventional methods such as (stripping the veins) for small to medium varicose veins on the leg minimally invasive, and under local anesthesia outpatient without anesthesia with very good results without scars.

Here are medical laser probes such as:

» bare fibers / shaped fibers
radial emitting Diffusor (HP-RED)
Radial-Emitting Fiber (REF) for venous surgery
Focusing handpieces
Collimating handpieces

under ultrasound observation, depending on the probe type, with and without a venous catheter positioned in the vein. The laser beam is applied to the insufficient vein via the probe and withdrawn in (cm) steps, taking into account energy, time and speed. This approach requires a great deal of care and user experience. The laser wavelengths used for this purpose are 810 nm, 980 nm and 1470 nm.